Stash S BagStash is a brand for the hustlers and go-getters in society. However, some people are not fond of the term hustler, and hence the term is not understood the same throughout. Rather it is associated to swindlers and thieves, if not drug dealers. This post is about explaining in more detail what Stash is and what the S Bag represents.

By hustling we mean working hard, no matter what field you are in. whether you are a student hustling day and night, juggling studies, a social life, and in some instances work; the S bag could represent your books as you stash your potential till the day you graduate.That is the stage when the student finally unstashes. To an employee, unstashing would be a promotion or growing in their career. The bag may be carrying their work kit. For a self employed individual, the dream would be to grow to become a business or to duplicate effort by branching out, which would be their version of unstashing. To them their bag could be carrying their main product which would help them reach their objectives faster.To the more seasoned entrepreneur, unstashing is the point when they are able to break-even, as well as the point when they are established enough to grow, by branching out, for example, or diversying. Their Sbag could be carrying the company registration documents or accounting information, for example. In any of these scenarios, each individual is passionate about their desire to succeed, hence the Sbag represents whatever they need to carry on their journey, as they await their unstashing day: it represents the tools that would help them reach their goals. The bag, does not just represent money/ cash as it would seem from the on set, it represents whatever it is that you value, that you know is required in order for to reach your destiny.

The S Bag is whatever you want it to be….

In essence Stash is not just a fashion brand but a movement of hustlers : people willing to push the odds to reach their destinies. People with a burning desire to do whatever it takes to achieve greatness and success. As such our content is not just about clothing and accessories, but also about advice, motivation and inspiration to the people with whom the clothes are meant for. We want to spur them on towards success, no matter what their different versions of success are.  I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship, so at times, some of the content here, if not most, would be about that, as well as, some of my life experiences. Otherwise, there would also be some guest posts from people interested in fashion, lifestyle, as well as,entrepreneurship.

Stay True And Stay Humble,the acronym for STASH, rings true to those people who have made it in life, but still remain humble. They do not change who they are just because their circumstances have changed for the better.

Stash is your HOW TO reach your goal  which is nicely tucked in the Stash bag. Carry that bag in your heart while pushing through for your dream life. The unstashing would be worth it at the end of the struggle. Stash is only for the inspired.