Stash OriginalsWhat does Stash represent /stand for?

Like the great rap genius,poet and philosopher: Tupac Shakur, once said, “You are either growing or decaying.” There is no in between, there is no standing still.

Stash is a brand for people going ahead in life. Those who grind with such passion and belief that there is enough time to rest when you are dead, hence, “Rest in peace.”

I am talking about the go getters in life: the hustlers, the grinders, the pushers, the takers; who bust their butt to make sure they are not staying in the same position.

These are people who do not want to stay in the same position they were 3 years ago, or those who do not want to remain the same people they were last year or even 6 months ago. If you are like me, perhaps 15 minutes ago smile emoticon . I’m sure by the time you finish reading this, I will not be the same person who wrote this, lol.

Anyway, the brand is for those pushing in life for a better way of living. I am talking about the hustlers, academic grinders, those who work the 9-5 grind, and business owners.

For hustlers/ those self employed: they may want to grow their trade to become a business or land a big contract.

For the academics: they may want to graduate one day, and either start on another program, become experts in their passion (if the same program), or to join the job hunt and land the job of their dreams.

Even if you are a student who took a gap year: unless you come from a high income family, a gap year is not a vacation, or time to rest. If you are passionate about something, why not pursue it. You have to start from somewhere, right?

For the employee, grinding at their job: they may want to master their skill and get promoted one day to a bigger role, and hence develop their career.

For the small business owner: they may want to grow into a medium sized, and perhaps, eventually, a big business.

Even successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s do not want to get too comfortable. They know that nothing grows in comfort zones. They are always looking for ways to get better, one way or the other. Ask the owner of FUBU, Daymond John, who started off with nothing, but is now the CEO of one of the largest clothing brands in the world, and one of the investors on Shark Tank.

Long story short: you may be stashing away that potential, that fire inside you, grinding behind the scenes, working towards that “one day” when you finally unstash and manifest your potential. As you are always on the grind, here is a t-shirt label aligned to your goals. Recognize others, wearing the same brand, who are on their own individual journeys, yet still, part of a larger movement. The leaders of tomorrow.

Through it all, remember to: Stay True And Stay Humble – STASH