About Us

Stash is a Cape Town original apparel brand for go getters. We provide our customers with uniquely branded t-shirts, hoodies, caps, dresses, watches and other accessories.

Stash is the African version of FUBU, whereas, unlike “For Us By Us”, in this case it is, “For Hustlers By Hustlers”. The brand is street wear for future leaders, endorsed by other current or future leaders.  Your tshirts/apparel is our canvas.Hustle


Stash Originals is for the boundary pushers in life, only for the inspired.
Those who do not want to sit still, decaying, but would rather choose to grow and become great people.

We acknowledge that each one of is different, hence by default, we are alone on our individual journeys to our destinies (not counting life partners, of course). However, there are other people around us, who also dream of achievement. Due to our differences, everyone is running in they own track, and hence, people have different meanings of the word achievement. Stash is a revolution: a movement of people on their journey to a better tomorrow, and, while everyone is running in their track, we all have the same big prize at the end of the line. That prize is called success.

Our different personalities are the reason why we provide different designs printed on different apparel with the premise that each individual is unique, and hence requires a unique design. All this, while still unified, under the same brand with others who are on their “Stash movement”.

StashIn turn, that is what makes us different from other clothing brands. We provide stylishly unique t-shirts (design and print) that no one else has. In other words, you will never bump into someone else wearing an exact replica of what you are wearing. Unless, of course, you intentionally choose to have matching t-shirts (mutually), or if you intentionally copy someone else’  t-shirt without their consent, in which case, the first person to have it would be compensated, should they claim, if they really were unaware.
Long story short,  no single tshirt is a complete replica of any other tshirt. If you, as a customer do find another tshirt exactly the same, we would gladly create for you another different one, absolutely free.  Please bear in mind, this “no replica” rule only applies to t-shirts, and not hoodies, dresses, caps or any other product from our range.

Stash back

We print various colours onto a large variety of tshirt colour options. That alone coupled with the wide range of designs we have, should at least separate each person from another person wearing Stash. The back of our Tshirts have one of two variations of the stash logo, one with the outer lining of the logo, the other being the actual text logo as provided on this site. Our  customers have an option for choosing between, the outline Stash, the inside Stash, their name, nick name or just leaving it blank. Bearing in mind, of course, that the last three options are only available for the tshirts which DO contain a Stash logo (somewhere) in front, or at least a side tag.

So even if you think there is another t-shirt exactly like yours, take a closer look, there is some sort of difference.

Stash Originals is the brainchild of Ngoni Nehumba, founded  in 2015.  Although it is now being manifested, the brand has always been a pipeline dream. He first drew a Stash logo (though very different from what it is now),15 years ago, using a ballpoint pen, onto the back of his plain white t-shirt, just before participating in a talent performance show.

The clothing brand is street gear, which has roots in music, academics, art, design, graffiti, motivation, inspiration, entrepreneurship and achievement.

We provide our range of printed apparel as: crew neck t-shirts, ladies fitted tshirts, vests, hoodies, dresses, crop tops, caps, and beanies, just to name a few.